Kari Heinilä & Kalle Kalima

The flutist Kari Heinilä (b. 1966) is one of the most interesting Finnish jazz musicians at the moment. He has been working with many Finnish bands in last 20 years, for example with the late Edward Vesala. He and Kalle Kalima have been working in various formations since 1998. In this duo Kalle Kalima plays acoustic guitar. The music consist of original compositions that move in the field between jazz and new music. Their first Cd came out at the Abovoice Records 2010.

“The sounds of the instruments fit together very well.”
(Jan-Erik Holmberg, HfB 19.5.2010)

“The duo uses freedom inventively and find their way home every time.”
(Turun sanomat, 12.5.2010, Matti Komulainen)

“The album is demanding but very rewarding.”
(Vasa Bladet, 21.5.2010, Peter Ehrström)