News- 2011

Kalle Kalima was part of theater production at the Berliner Schaubühne. The director David Marton did a version of Monteverdi´s Ulysses. The premiere of “Heimkehr des Odysseus” was on the 22.1.2011. NDR Big Band played Kalle Kalima´s “Dance Suite for Domestic Animals” in Hamburg on the 17.2.2011. Jimi Tenor´s Big Band project and Electric Guitar Concerto written by Eero Hämeenniemi were played in January/February. Touring with the Bands Rowk and Jazzanova Live in 2011. Kalle Kalima was working on new material for Pentasonic Solo Project. A Piece for Pentasonic was comissioned by Akademie der Künste in Berlin and and is ready in March 2012. A piece for UMO Big Band was also comissioned and was played by Umo in Helsinki in October 2011.

Klima Kalima was touring in Finland and Russia in the Fall 2011 sponsored by the Goethe Institute.