Kalle Kalima Channel (Youtube)

Klima Kalima Videos:

120 K on a Waterslide (live in Nürnberg)

Polonium Polka Putina (from “Loru” filmed at the Russian – Ukrainian Tour in 2011)

Tomorrow A (from “Loru, Video is made of Fotos of  Tours 2008-2011)

La Vie de Boheme Part I, live in Berlin

Sneaking in the Attic (from “Loru”), live in Nürnberg

Johnny La Marama Videos:

Lawrence (from “Bicycle Revolution”) Video by Hirokazu

Bicycle Revolution, live in Tokyo

Return of the Space Skum, live in Tokyo with VJ Hirokazu

live in Berlin with VJ Regina Teichs

Kalle Kalima Pentasonic Videos

live in Helsinki 2010

Recording of the CD “Iris in Trance”

Kuu Videos

“Faya” Live in Berlin

With Tony Allen and Jimi Tenor

Darker Side of the Night, live in Paris

live in Warsaw