News – 2012-2013

NDR Big Band had commissioned a new Concert program written by Kalle Kalima. The music was recorded in June 2012. Debut concert was on the 23.6 in Hamburg. NDR Big band had Jim Black on drums and Kalle Kalima on guitar on this project.

K-18 played new material inspired by films of David Lynch on a tour in Finland in November 2010. This material was recorded and the CD “Out to Lynch” that came out in September 2012 at the TUM Records. K-18 was performing at the Jazz Ahead in Bremen in 30.4.2011 and BBC 2 sent out the live show.

Klima Kalima´s new Cd “Finn Noir” was released in January 2013.

Kuu and Johnny La Marama are working on new records which will come out in 2013.

A special highlight was the orchester project of Leo Wadada Smith in Helsinki in February 2012. The 22-piece orchester practised for two days, played a concert and did a recording which will come out at TUM Records.

Kalle has toured in 2012 with Glorreichen Sieben in Austria and Switzerland. The band has also put out a new CD (Best of Western).

The Adk (Akademie der Künste) in Berlin comissioned a piece for electric guitar and electronics with surround sound by Kalle Kalima Pentasonic. This piece “Krom” was finished in April 2012 and concerts to present the tune are being planned.