Spring 2009

In January 2009 Klima Kalima toured in Finland and Estonia for almost two weeks.
In 2009 Johnny La Marama played the new „Bicycle Revolution“ program in South America, Japan, Romania and Poland. Kalle Kalima Pentasonic had Concerts in Berlin and Jazz Festival in Dortmund. Kalle Kalima´s Debut for Big Band „Dance Suite for Domestic Animals“ was played by the UMO Big Band in Helsinki, 25.9.2009 and recorded by the Finnish National radio, YLE. The reviews were very positive. More Concerts with this program are being planned. The Debut album of K-18 „Some Kubricks of Blood“ had also positive feedback.

Johnny La Marama´s new album “Bicycle revolution” just came out in April 2009. Kalle´s Solo-CD (Kalle Kalima Pentasonic: “Iris in Trance) came out in January 2009. In this project the guitar sound is processed and sampled and will be sent in surround system over 5 amps. The first album of K-18 “Some Kubricks of Blood” will come out in summer 2009 at TUM Records. Klima Kalima is getting new songs together for a release in early 2010 featuring Jimi tenor on few Tracks. Kalle is working on a Big Band piece that will played by the Finnish UMO Jazz Orchestra in September 2009. Eero Hämeenniemi´s Guitar Concerto for Kalle will be performed in January 2011.

The highlight of year 2007 for Kalle Kalima was Berlin Jazz Festival where he is featured with four Bands, K-18 1.11, Klima Kalima 2.11, Soi 3.11 and Johnny La Marama 4.11. All concerts took place in A-Trane Jazz Club.