News 02/17

Kalle Kalima will be working as guitar teacher at the University of Luzern starting in September 2017. Looking forward!

News 03/16

Kalle Kalima is among three nominated candidates for Echo Jazz Prize in category “Gitarre National” with the album “Electric Willow” by Tenors of Kalma.

News 01/2016

Kalle Kalima´s new album “High Noon” is released 29.1.2016 by ACT Music. Greg Cohen (Bs) and Max Andrzejewski (drs) are playing in the trio “Long Winding Road” with Kalima. The group is playing mostly classic Western tunes as well as a Sibelius March and composition by Leonard Cohen. As its central episode, there are four hits from films scored by Dimitri Tiomkin, including “High Noon” and “Ballad of Alamo”. The group will be touring in January and March in Germany, Austria and Holland. Besides this Kalima is playing a new compositions by Sven-Ingo Koch with Ensemble Resonanz and eero Hämeenniemi´s Electric Guitar Concerto “Keskellä Blues” Konstanzer Philharmonie in February and March.

News 08/2015

The new “Tenors of Kalma” album “Electric Willow” was released in March 2015 and the band was touring in Europe to promote the album. The band Kronthaler with the classical singer Theresa Kronthaler and Oliver Potratz on bass released its first album on Sony Music in the spring 2015. Both albums got positive feedback in the media. The Summer 2015 was an active period Kalima playing five different concerts at the Südtirol Jazz Festival as well in Ljubljana, Lissabon, Elbjazz in Hamburg with Kuu!. One highlight was the concert at the Moers festival with Z-Country paradise.

In January 2016 an album with Greg Cohen and Max Andrzejevski will be released and the band will be touring to promote the album.


News 2/2014

Johnny la Maramas new album “Il Purgatorio” comes out in February 2014. The band will be touring in Europe this year. Johnny played in November new compositions by Michael Wertmüller in Vienna and Graz. Grazer Kronen Zeitung wrote on the 22.11.2013: “Complex. Stur. Virtuotic. Original.”

Eero Hämeenniemi´s electric guitar concerto on the 28.1 in Hamburg with Ensemble Resonanz was a highlight. Hamburger Abendblatt wrote on the 30.1.2014: “Kalle Kalimas weicher, runder Gitarrenton verlieh dem Ganzen etwas so Stimmhaftes, Beseeltes, dass die oft beschworene Empfindsamkeit gar nichts Bezopftes hatte, sondern einfach zu Herzen ging….Und als Zugabe improvisierte Kalima über den Streicherseufzern aus dem langsamen Satz von Bachs h-Moll-Sinfonie. Das klang, als wäre die Musik genau dafür geschrieben worden. Schöner lassen sich Blues und Klassik nicht verschmelzen.”

Kuu! will be touring in Germany in march presenting the new LP “Sex gegen Essen”. Also the new K-18 album “Bunuel!” will come out in 2014. There are 2 shows coming up in April Jazz with 2 different programs (Kubrick and Bunuel). Die Glorreichen 7 will be touring this year with the “Neil Young” tribute program.

News June 2013

Klima Kalima is touring in 2013 to present the new CD “Finn Noir” One of the highlights will be the Südtirol Jazz festival in Italy on the 2.7. K-18 won Emma (Finnish “Grammy”) for best Finnish jazz album in 2012 with “Out to Lynch ( Jazz-Emma 2012)  “Die Glorreichen 7” was in the semifinals of international BMW Jazz Awards in March 2013 in Munich among the best 6 bands. Jousia Ensemble played in Helsinki in January 2013 the new string orchester piece by Kalima entitled “Kata Heian Nidan”.

News – 2012-2013

NDR Big Band had commissioned a new Concert program written by Kalle Kalima. The music was recorded in June 2012. Debut concert was on the 23.6 in Hamburg. NDR Big band had Jim Black on drums and Kalle Kalima on guitar on this project.

K-18 played new material inspired by films of David Lynch on a tour in Finland in November 2010. This material was recorded and the CD “Out to Lynch” that came out in September 2012 at the TUM Records. K-18 was performing at the Jazz Ahead in Bremen in 30.4.2011 and BBC 2 sent out the live show.

Klima Kalima´s new Cd “Finn Noir” was released in January 2013.

Kuu and Johnny La Marama are working on new records which will come out in 2013.

A special highlight was the orchester project of Leo Wadada Smith in Helsinki in February 2012. The 22-piece orchester practised for two days, played a concert and did a recording which will come out at TUM Records.

Kalle has toured in 2012 with Glorreichen Sieben in Austria and Switzerland. The band has also put out a new CD (Best of Western).

The Adk (Akademie der Künste) in Berlin comissioned a piece for electric guitar and electronics with surround sound by Kalle Kalima Pentasonic. This piece “Krom” was finished in April 2012 and concerts to present the tune are being planned.

News- 2011

Kalle Kalima was part of theater production at the Berliner Schaubühne. The director David Marton did a version of Monteverdi´s Ulysses. The premiere of “Heimkehr des Odysseus” was on the 22.1.2011. NDR Big Band played Kalle Kalima´s “Dance Suite for Domestic Animals” in Hamburg on the 17.2.2011. Jimi Tenor´s Big Band project and Electric Guitar Concerto written by Eero Hämeenniemi were played in January/February. Touring with the Bands Rowk and Jazzanova Live in 2011. Kalle Kalima was working on new material for Pentasonic Solo Project. A Piece for Pentasonic was comissioned by Akademie der Künste in Berlin and and is ready in March 2012. A piece for UMO Big Band was also comissioned and was played by Umo in Helsinki in October 2011.

Klima Kalima was touring in Finland and Russia in the Fall 2011 sponsored by the Goethe Institute.

Spring 2010

Johnny La Marama was touring in Middle America, Iran and Japan in 2010. The reactions were positive and we had great time. The Workshop and concert in Iran were unique and since Chris´Visa was denied we really thought our music is powerful, since some goverments are afraid of it. Speciality in Japan was the films made by VJ Hero.

Klima Kalimas new Cd Loru came out and got good reviews. Klima was touring in Germany and Finland. Loru is one of the five nominees for Finnish Jazz “Grammy” Emma 2010.

Spring 2010

Johnny La Marama will be touring in Germany, Middle – America and Asia in 2010. The new Klima Kalima CD „Loru“ will come out in February 2010 and touring will follow. There are concerts planned also for Kalle Kalima Pentasonic in Germany. The Cd of Heinilä – Kalima duo (Flute – Acoustic Guitar) will come out in 2010.